History of Gambling in Australia — 10 Сurious Facts Carefully Analyzed

Gambling is an important part of entertainment for Australians. 80% of adults regularly enjoy casino games. The spreading of gambling in Australia is connected with the absence of a state tax on winnings.

How Did Gambling Get to Australia?

Archival documents show that most of the convicts sent to Australia were violent drunkards and spent their leisure time playing card games. They transferred their preferences in gambling entertainment from British cities to new lands. Governors tried to control gambling by imposing punitive sanctions. However, having met with a hunger strike, drunkenness, they were forced to accept the fact of the presence of games in the social life of convicts. Yet, over time, gambling has become the most widespread entertainment and recreation of all Australian residents.

Ten Interesting Facts About the History of Gambling in Australia

  1. The first recorded event associated with the birth of gambling in Australia dates back to 1810. It was a horse race meeting that took place in Sydney’s Hyde Park.
  2. The first lottery was organized in 1880, and the first slot machines were installed in clubs and pubs in the 1950s. This moment can be considered the starting point in the history of Australian gambling.
  3. The British influenced the Australian interest in betting. Although it is not possible to give an exact date, it is safe to say that there will be bets in Australia s long as the sport exists.
  4. The introduction of the first gambling site revolutionized the industry. The first online casino was created in the 1990s and has not lost its popularity since then.
  5. Land-based casinos in Australia usually play roulette, card games, blackjack, or baccarat. Clients of online casinos prefer the same games. A special place among the gambling preferences of Australians is occupied by dice. In addition, there are poker, lotteries and sports betting, which are ranked 5th, 6th and 7th respectively.
  6. Comparing online games with traditional casinos and bookmaking, it is worth noting that Internet establishments are the most beloved for the inhabitants of the green continent.
  7. Microgaming founded back in 1994 and becoming the first company to offer gambling services in Australia, still exists today. It has played an important role in developing the technologies required for financial systems that process player transactions during its operation.
  8. Australia is considered the most gambling country in the world for a reason. Every year, every Australian spends $1,300 on gambling.
  9. The budgets of individual states are, on average, 10% formed from the income from the gambling business. And this is not the limit.
  10. The Australian toss is the national gambling game that requires only two coins. The point of the game is to guess which side each coin will fall on. April 25th is considered to be a special day of the Australian toss.

Gambling is legal in Australia and Australians are considered the world’s most gamblers. Based on the facts of recent observations, the inhabitants of this state spend simply colossal sums on gambling compared to other territories.

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