We deplore the death, destruction and lawlessness that the "coalition of the willing" unleashed with its invasion of Iraq. We are shamed by our government's contempt for other cultures and the silencing of dissent in America. We remain deeply concerned about the threat to human life in the Middle East and to the world's memory and history embedded in Iraq. We dramatize our outrage through ongoing visual actions. Sometimes small movements, a ripple can express the collective indignation of a
community. Contact Us




In 2008 Artists Against the War updated our banner from 2004:




A quilt covered in lies perpetrated by the corporate media that led to the invasion of Iraq. The quilt was laid on a bed in Washington DC at the 5th anniversary protest, Five Years Too Many, March 19, 2008.
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On Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14 from 5-8 PM, Artists Against the War assembled at the US military recruitment center in Times Square. We carried a poster to mourn five years of bloodshed in Iraq which read: FIVE YEARS OF ILLEGAL OCCUPATION, BROKEN LAWS, BROKEN LIMBS, BROKEN LIVES, BROKEN HEARTS

Pictured above left members Elise Engler and Joyce Kozloff who infiltrated the Nivea promotion at the north section of the triangle in the center of Times Square. There was a long line to enter the picket-fenced "Garden of Love." Each grouping pictured was on the jumbo-tron. Read a full description of the day


Multiple actions occurred in the early afternoon of April 26th inside the Hart Senate Office Building. Eight New York activists were among the 15 plus arrested. First, in a massive distribution, A.R.T.(Activist Response Team) hand-delivered a 20-page tabloid petition to every representative.It contained documentary evidence for indictments, literally putting impeachment back on the table. Then, at 1PM, in a spectacular visual feat, A.R.T displayed the full text of Article II, Section 4 to the Senate as a 30-foot banner drop in the Hart Office Building atrium. A second 30-foot banner read "YOUR SILENCE YOUR LEGACY". Organizers said, "We must magnify the refusal of Congress to uphold the Constitution. Their silence equals complicity in the flagrant crimes of this administration."
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ACTION FILM CLIP! contact: PDF of Petition

Rayburn White Rose Drop
Nine were arrested on Monday January 29th when they gathered in the courtyard of The Rayburn building in Washington DC to read the names of American and Iraqi war dead. They strewed 1,500 white roses and numerous postcards in the reflecting pool. Three held a 20 foot black banner with one word: WAR.

Hart Banner Drop On January 4th, activists from various collectives entered the Senate Hart building and dropped four billboard size banners to put the 110th Congress on notice: we demand accountability now! MORE ABOUT THIS ACTION

A T-shirt campaign in Arabic, English, Spanish, Farsi, German and Hebrew.

Raed Jarrar's Story on the Critical Voice site

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"We Will Not Be Silent" is a statement attributed to a student-resistance movement in Nazi Germany called The White Rose. It is a statement of purpose, intended to inspire acts of resistance and dissent against a corrupt government that abuses its power, and abandons the rule of law.


These words caused a disturbing incident at the New York Public Library last Spring. Read more: whoisafraid

A printing of posters and stickers grew out of the postcard project below and our continued effort to subvert the MTA campaign. It was clear that New Yorkers who were being warned to be suspicious of each other and packages in the subway, should be reminded of the true culprits perpetrating crimes in the White House:


On the first day of the fourth year of the war in Iraq a contingent of people walked through the streets of new York with an American flag that read "NO ALLEGIANCE TO WAR, TORTURE AND LIES" We stood at four locations: The United Nations, in front of the Stock Exchange, at The World Trade Center, and at the recruitment station in Times Square. (pictured right.) On our shirts was the phrase We will not be Silent" and we handed out the postcards described below.

Coming soon more images of the flag on March 20th, in Germany, and Washington DC

THE POSTCARD PROJECT 100,000 postcards (in five different versions) distributed through stealth at strategic locations within the metropolitan area of New York City and beyond. Each card addresses the subject of the Iraq War from a different point of concern—it was an aggressive war, a crime against peace; the American people were mislead in the reasons given for the initiation of this war; the indefinite detention, without due process, and torture of detainees flies in the face of prevailing human rights laws; the indiscriminate use of weapons (including chemical) on civilian populations is in direct contravention to the Geneva Conventions; the attempt to censor information on the extent of damage and loss of life, sustained by both the American military and the Iraqi people (both civilian and military) obscures the true cost of war; the economic reasons and the projected financial cost of the war have been both misleading and underestimated; and last, by implication, the media has failed to look at the reality of these charges. Contact info:

View PDF of postcards: postcardproject_all.pdf



The US government's response to September 11, 2001 marked the beginning of a world-wide grass-roots antiwar movement, unprecedented in size and power since the peace and civil rights movements of the 1960-70s. Recognizing the strength of this inadequately reported phenomenon, NY Artists Against the War initiated an open call for visual material from both antiwar activists and artists. The resulting project is representative but not exhaustive of creative, nonviolent dissent in the US against the Iraq War and War Against Terror. This uncensored, 3 monitor, multi-faceted media installation has been edited for a 60-minute time frame. To receive a copy of the 3-DVD installation, send your $25 donation for handling and shipping, along with your name and address:US

Artists Against the War, PO Box 1874
Canal Street Station New York, NY 10013 (Please write tax deductible checks over $50 to: A.J. Muste Memorial Institute and write “Disarming Images” on the memo line.)

Study Guide with more images and text by Max Kozloff



New York City


project came out of an AAW website which focused on issues of civil liberties. The site lists quotes from both the country's founders and more contemporary figures. They come from a wide swath of politicians, religious leaders, Democrats and Republicans. The stickers have been handed out for car windows and have been seen blending into and subverting the messages of ubiquitous advertising on the streets of New York. More on the Dissent Sticker Project



Against the War launched a vibrant public statement, which was visible on the facades of buildings and in the streets nationwide. We designed and mass-produced 25,000 large, rainbow-striped banners for Americans to unfurl from windows and carry in demonstrations. Waving in U.S. cities this past summer and fall, the banners sent a message for change: WE THE PEOPLE SAY NO TO THE BUSH AGENDA.

More on the Banner Project

Above :some members at PENN STATION before the RNC



An all day action November 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
42nd Street Passageway, Grand Central Station, New York

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Voices of Dissent
An American Tradition

Dissent In America


Erase In
May 17, 2003
Art Of The First Cities,
Metropolitan Museum, NY

In reaction to the erasing
of life, culture and dissent

SF Chronicle Coverage

Our Letter to the Editor Re:
Michael Kimmelman's review
of "Art Of The First Cities


Stroller Action
March 22, 2003

Thou Shalt Not Kill Children

Almost 50% of Iraq's population is under 15 years old


Drawn In
March 5, 2003

Drawing Iraqi Art
around the world

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